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The Wieting's

Dr Wieting

Dr Wieting

Dr. P. G. Wieting, a well known area dentist married Helen Wilder on December 5th 1866. The two lived in the area for a short time before moving to Toledo Iowa in 1867. Dr. Wieting was successful in Toledo, working in his chosen profession as well as branching out into other areas. In 1878 Dr. Wieting and Helen's father started the Toledo city bank. Though the Wietings moved back New York at the turn of the century, Dr. Wieting continued to be involved with the bank until his death in 1906.

Ella Wieting

Helen Wieting

Helen also called Ella was known for her love of the arts and the communities that she had lived in. After her husbands death she donated theatres to the communities of Worcester and Toledo Iowa. These theatres were intended to enrich the communities and carry on the name of her late husband. Her desires were realized since both theatres live on today, still carrying the Wieting name.