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Wieting Theatre

The Wieting Memorial Association

The Wieting building is listed as the fourth brick building in the Historical District on Worcester's Main Street. The structure was built in 1910 by Helen Wilder Weiting in honor of her late husband, Philip, the third president of The Bank of Worcester.

The two story, colonial building, with a deep basement, was built by the Hadsell Brothers at a cost of $15,000. Upon completion the building was deeded to The Wieting Memorial Association, in trust for people of the Town of Worcester, with the understanding that it is their building, managed by The Association.

The building housed a gymnasium and bowling alley in the deep basement, with a theater and large auditorium on the street level. In 1922 the East Wing was added to house the Iroquois Chapter of the D.A.R. and enlarge the Worcester Free Library.

In November 1982 a new board of directors headed by Carmen Caiazza, raised money from present and former Worcester residents the surrounding communities, businesses and others. With this money a new roof, a required fire escape was built in order to use the building. The Association became tax-exempt in 1985 making it possible to receive donations from Foundations and Grants. The monies were used to repoint the brick work, painted both interior and exterior, installed a new electrical system in the entire building along with a fire alarm system. Renovations to conform to ADA Regulations were completed in 1999 then a new movie system (projector, screen and sound system) was installed in 2000.

Movies are shown on weekends from mid June to mid September as well as the last weekend of the school vacation in December, February and April.